C-Section Moms deserve the best care with the ultimate gift for the Hospital birth plan & Doula bag, Baby Shower & Registry gift! Take the stress off and Rest easy with you new baby, and slip into those jeans more quickly.

Its not fair to not care for a C Section Mom! Soft cotton belly bands, massage and skin brushing enable you to have the best after care so you can move and hold baby easily.Enhanced We include the best tips for surgery and after care so you can improve your Hospital discharge plan.

Comfortable cotton support belt and belly bands provide the support you need, the healing and results you want.

The ladies at C-Section Recovery Kit have been through pregnancy & C-Sections.Belly Binding with a C-Section support belt and postpartum girdle is one of the most important tools for your at home care! Be proactive and get your C Section Recovery Deluxe Kit today!

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