Your C Section Scar Needs Massage

After Pregnancy, your abdomen has just undergone tremendous change and it needs all the support it can get. Massaging your c-section scar for even a few minutes a day can have a huge benefit.

As you heal, your skin and scar will change, and the feelings around your scar will shift. Many women say they feel afraid to touch their scar and that it feels numb. In fact touching your abdomen after the surgery will help speed healing and reduce the size, feel and look of your scar. Because massaging stimulates the nerve endings it will bring back the feelings and the numbness will disappear.

Massaging your c-section scar can also help avoid incontinence as well as reduce pain. Massaging your scar helps it to heal faster, and because it softens the scar tissue to create a flat smooth scar. Massaging your c-section incision helps organize the scar tissue because  regular massage provides compression which increases circulation and connection, stimulating the healing process. Self massage of your healing scar reduces the potential for c-section scar adhesions, so consistent touch and massage will help the look and feel of your scar, as well as promote circulation and awareness.

When you avoid touching your incision the tissue can end up being lumpy and discolored. If you feel lumps, chords, numb areas, and have bladder issues, then adhesions may be forming, through the disorganized scar tissue. Tissue fibers a like little pick up sticks, they need to be rolled and organized to optimize cohesion and healing.  Consistent massage and dry skin brushing for as little as 2-5 minutes a day will make a big difference in your healing. Massage gently and always hold below your scar to avoid it opening.

The actual scar is much deeper than what you can see, so massage is key, and the longer you massage, the softer the scar and the deeper you can penetrate the abdomen to organize and help deeper levels internally. If you keloid easily,  purchase silica strips or gel to aid in discoloration and scar texture on the surface

You can learn about tissue repair and how to help yourself avoid complications from the C-Section surgery from my self help Scar therapy guide which is available as a DVD. The DVD takes you through the massage techniques of compression, rolling, cross fiber friction, lifting, and other fascial, cranial sacral and energetic moves to keep the scar tissue soft, avoid adhesions and bring peace and harmony into the system.  The techniques are easy to do, just follow along for 2-5 minutes a day.  It’s never too late to work on an old scar!
The DVD is available with the C-Section Recovery Kit and the Deluxe version! I encourage you to empower yourself and actively assist the healing of your c-section scar using binding, massage and later dry skin brushing too.

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  1. Shanell Petanick says:

    Very well written article. It will be useful to everyone who uses it, as well as yours truly :). Keep up the good work – looking forward to more posts.

  2. OMG! I never knew, my scar has been numb for 3 years now and honestly I hate touching it. Is there anything I can do after all this time?


  3. csectionadmin says:

    Hi Kathy
    Thanks for your comment and Yes you can still work on your scar. It will take longer of course, but if you are diligent and spend just a few minutes every day(ish) you will see improvement in the appearance and feeling of your scar.

  4. 23 years ago I had an emergency C-section. Months later I started having knife like pains in my abdomen, low, and deep. My ob-gyn shrugged her shoulders when I asked what it was. No one told me about massage. 23 years of growing pain and deep scar tissue plague me, and my internist suspects I have adhesions. I have IBS probably related to the abdominal scarring. She said surgery to remove the scar tissue only creates new scar tissue. The scar tissue can cause endometriosis in the abdominal wall. The things they don’t tell you could fill volumes. I heard of massage only recently, and do it daily, but I think it’s too late. I live with a dull aching abdomen to severe pain and nausea. New cs moms, MASSAGE!

  5. csectionadmin says:

    Dear Jean

    thanks for taking the time to share your story, i really feel for you and hope that even after all this time that using massage brings some relief. I also hope others heed your advice!

  6. suvarna mali says:

    2months back i had a c section. right now i m in korea…where can i get this kit? and if i ordered it when can i get it? and no one is ready to massage on belly as i had c section?> what to do? pls guide as soon as possible.

  7. csectionadmin says:

    Dear Suvarna

    Thank you for contacting us.

    As your c-section was 2 months ago you will be best with the Hem It In Belt. I suggest getting the massage therapy DVD and the Hem It In Belt and you can probably find a skin brush locally. We would throw in a skin brush with the belt and dvd but right now we do not have any spare. This is the cheapest option for you, the only other way to get the Hem It In belt, dvd and brush is the deluxe kit which means buying a Support Belt for nothing.

    We offer international shipping and you will get all shipping options and costs in the checkout process. Please use coupon code RB10 for 10% off.

    Maui Healing Kits

  8. I had a c-section three and a half months ago and because I had planned to have a natural childbirth, I did not research about c-section recovery. I only read about why you don’t want to have a c-section unless it is absolutely necessary. After my emergency c-section I received very little instructions on how to care for the incision and even less information on what to expect during the healing process. I am so happy to see that you have posted this information and I hope most women find it so they can start taking care of their incision properly. I’m currently having issues from the surgery and I hope that your product helps with the pain and numbness even though quite a bit of time has passed for me.

  9. I just had my c/s 2 weeks ago . . . Not planned . . . How long should I wait before I begin massaging? I don’t want to introduce any infection to the incision . . .

  10. csectionadmin says:

    On the Massage DVD we give massage techniques that are appropriate for the stage after your c-section

  11. Lyndsay Fraser says:

    WOW! If only I knew about this website after my c-section almost 3 months ago! I would have to agree with some of the other comments: if only I knew about this after I had my son as I too have had numbness and a dull, aching pain that’s only just started to get better.

    I am definitely interested in the DVD. Do you post to PO Box addresses? I live in Qatar and people only have PO Boxes – no “normal” postal service with the postman delivering to doors.

    Is it okay to go and get a massage from a spa or salon? Just have visions of my stitches popping although I’d imagine I’ve healed quite a bit since my surgery!

  12. I am still angry 5 years later that my doctor did a c-section! I have had many complications due to scarring and just the “mutilation” that was done to my abdomen! this massaging sounds promising, I’m excited to try it!

  13. I’m excited about receiving my kit. This will be my 3rd c-section and 4th abdominal decision after a oophorectomy 2 yrs ago.

  14. I just had my second c-section 4 weeks ago, my first was an emergency because of an infection in the womb and no one told me you were supposed to massage the scar it in fact i wasn’t told anything about caring for it and i never regained feeling around it. and had pain and problems with my hips and abdomen ever since. My recent c-section was severely complicated by the number of adhesions i had and in fact they advised me not to have any more children because of that. If i masssage this time is there a chance i’ll regain feeling and stop the problems coming back or is it too late to help?

  15. I had my c-section 10 months ago and have started feeling painful pulling sensations, especially when I exercise or walk a lot. I suspected adhesions, this confirms it. I am now concerned about future deliveries. I wanted to try a vbac, but I know uterine rupture is much more likely if there are adhesions. Can massage at this point reduce or eliminate the adhesions? Or am I doomed to have additional c-sections?

  16. csectionadmin says:

    Hi Maren
    the pulling sensations may be adhesions and even after 10 months a massage program may help if done consistently. That said please consult your doctor and do not take this as medical advice (for legal reasons) and whatever you do, do not feel doomed please!

  17. csectionadmin says:

    so sorry to hear of your complicated c-section. To answer your question If i masssage this time is there a chance i’ll regain feeling and stop the problems coming back or is it too late to help? it really depends on whether they surgically removed the existing adhesions. If they did they did then our massage program may help if done consistently. That said please consult your doctor and do not take this as medical advice (for legal reasons)

  18. csectionadmin says:

    All the best for your delivery

  19. csectionadmin says:

    sadly many women share your anger. Best of luck with the massage program – remember consistency is key

  20. I had my second c-section 7 weeks ago and am recovering. The first was an emergency op and was the most painful recovery hence I was terrified this time. Luckily things have been smoother this time, despite a few stitches opening up and oozing. However I had not heard of adhesions or of incision massage – I will try and massage the scar from now. I was wearing a support belt like a corset following the op this time, and it helped. Not sure how long I need to wear it for though. Whenever I stop, my belly seems to distend and I get a pain along the incision and a sharp pain in the insides of my lower belly. Another quite distinct pain is around the bellybutton – as it seems to be pushing forward with no abdominal wall support. Am afraid to exercize as I don’t want to strain the incision in case some stitches open up again. Any advice? Thanks!

  21. csectionadmin says:

    Hi Tania

    we can’t give medical advice, but it sounds like you should keep wearing the support belt and talk to your doctor about the pains you are experiencing. How long each woman needs a support belt for differs so you just have to follow your own body’s needs.

  22. Im glad I came across this article, ive been having some issues with my csection scar for a while now and was told nothing about how to go about it because it was an emergency surgery. It was almost 16 months ago, will massaging help still? Im absolutely terrified to get pregnant again because I dont kno what to expect.

  23. csectionadmin says:

    Hi Vanessa

    depending on the issues you are having with your scar, massage could possibly work. It will certainly be of benefit to the immediate area of the scar. A scar massage program will help to soften the scar tissue and decrease it’s size. It’s obviously better to start straight away but we always say ‘it’s never to late to work on an old scar’

  24. it been almost 8months now that i had my csection. my doctor and the nurse will tell me to massage but i didnt know where to massage so i massage around my scar and tummy so i’m wondering if that fine?

  25. it been almost 8months that i had my csection. i dont really have big pain just small on my lower back only and my scar seem to heal but dont look fully heal because it still have a little kindof red or pinky color to it but some part are perfect clear skin of how it suppose to look like. will my doctor and the nurse told me to massage but i was afriad so i massage around my scar and tummy. so i was wondering if that work and if the massage would work on the color too? or should i massage on my scar now to fade the color?

  26. Please massage your scar and abdomen, for 6 months. Silica can help to lighten the scar, as well as our oil for scars. All the best

  27. Yes massage is very important and following your instincts and our DVD will make a big difference.

  28. Thank you for the helpful information. I had a C-Section 20 months ago, January 2011. I thought I healed pretty nicely but in the past year have had weird ‘sensations’ like pain, feelings of ‘fullness’ in my lower abdomen and just pressure….almost like bloating but it doesn’t feel the same as gas. I have had two pelvic ultrasounds and nothing. I guess I am a little concerned that I am developing adhesions although I don’t know much about this. Hopefully starting to work on the scar will help. I’m glad you said it’s not too late. It’s not the appearance of a scar that bothers me, it’s whatever is going on underneath!! Thanks again :)

  29. HI

    Absolutely, what is going underneath the scar is more important the surface image, although that too is important and in a delicate area.I would encourage you to massage your abdomen and scar, and breathe into your abdomen with your hands on your pubic bone for several minutes a day. MHK encourages clients to ask your Dr to use a hemostat for bleeding while closing you up during surgery, we have discovered Vitagel, from Orthovita which has collagen in it to assist the healing process. it is a pharmaceutical surgical product so the Dr or Hospital would have it. If you like yoga, forward bends can be very helpful to move stagnant chi. Aloha

  30. Massage increases circulation which in turn models the scar to be softer, stronger and eventually the color will fade. Try small circles above, below and then on the scar line itself for 5 min a day for 4 weeks and see what happens. Your in charge so please don’t be afraid to touch yourself gently.

  31. Do you have research or studies that back up this information and the benefits?

  32. Yes, there is an article on the benefits of binding as a modality post surgery, and specifically cesarean on our front page. Please find the link there. Massage is a ancient modality that helps to model the collagen fibers that were displaced with surgery and incising of the tissue. Meditation has been shown to increase brain activity and brings peace of mind.
    When one is comfortable, one can more easily relax which helps with breastfeeding, walking, and being available for baby.


  33. I feel like a light has finally been switched on. Like so many other women I’m getting the shrug from the OB who performed my c-section and had it confirmed it was not a hernia. My additional problem is that I’m pregnant again and VERY worried about going into a VBAC with this adhesion. Anyone with this experience or any information on what to be prepared for?

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