C Section Support Belts & Belly Binding

Binding is an ancient tool for C Section birth and postpartum abdominal support. Compression brings fibers together, reduces swelling and tearing and at the same time offers some protection for the incision. Soft abdominal binders help support the changing body through pregnancy, vaginal delivery & Cesarean Section recovery.

You deserve support and protection at this special time, but the ancient healing art of binding is less well known today as I discovered after my own emergency c section. During pregnancy abdominal binders support the weight of the baby and the body, and reduces the load on the skin and stretched out abdominal muscles. If there isn’t enough support or silica/elastic properties to the skin, stretch marks can happen.

Cesarean Section birth requires special recovery care, as surgery is stressful,painful and now a new baby requires your loving attention. Binding will reduce your pain and scar, and make it easier to get out of bed.

Binding will protect and support your incision before rolling over to get out of bed. Compression supports your abdomen so it doesn’t feel like your insides are going to fall out, and will reduce scar tissue. Many women do not realize that The doctor cut into 6 layers inside the abdomen, and then stretched open the muscles. With binding you avoid the feeling of feeling unsupported, vulnerable to gravity and afraid to move.

It is the fascia that surrounds the muscles which is cut, and then the 6 layers are sutured (sewn) back. For any birth, the uterus and intestines also benefit from support, as it shrinks and moves back into place.

Of course do not do anything that is painful,  and please be mindful to not wrap yourself too tightly. It is about support, not strangulation or cutting off blood supply. Being gentle and easy with yourself during these first months will help you heal better for later on, when life gets busier.

Binding also supports organs to go back to their original size and location.
Bladder, intestinal and reproductive complications can arise from a c-section or other abdominal surgeries. The support of binding means less tearing, which means less scar tissue, inside and out. Less scar tissue means more comfort and fewer secondary complications and a better looking scar. With belly binding you can avoid the tearing and infections that lead to possible abdominal adhesions, painful periods, and a lumpy scar.

Our uniquely designed C Section Recovery Belt does not contain elastic making it perfect for immediate use after c section birth or other abdominal surgery. We designed it to be as adjustable as possible to allow you to find the perfect binding pressure and adjust it as you heal. We then came up with the detachable support strap, which does contain elastic, for another level of fully adjustable support, font or back.

The Hem It In Belt is great for post vaginal delivery, laparoscopic abdominal surgery, or about 2 weeks after the cesarean, when you want more compression and support. The cotton covered elastic provides firm support when you are getting back to your daily routine, or just going to the car with baby. After incising through the 6 layers,our muscles were stretched open to get the baby out, so holding them close is a good thing.

Let AbdoMendâ„¢ bring you back to your sexy shape. Get both our belts plus a comprehensive guide to simple and effective ways to take care of your scar to make it smooth and flat while reducing potential complications, in our Deluxe C-Section Recovery Kit

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  1. Topher Zhinan says:

    Having read a few articles on your blog and looked at your products, I really don’t understand why belly bands like yours aren’t given to every woman who has a c-section. It seems like it really helps the women as they recover form their c-section and reduces chances of later problems, means less medical costs.

  2. csectionadmin says:

    Thank you Topher, and believe me we too wish every woman who has a c-section had one of our belts and got our massage scar therapy guide. There would be both immediate benefit after delivery and during recovery as well as reducing the chances of many longer term complications.

  3. My doctor is recommending that I have a c section because pregnancy has dislocated three of my ribs. I am really bummed out about the situation. I know the less risk to my baby is what I need to focus on, but I have never had surgery and it is terrifying to me! Your product seems to be something that will help me towards a better recovery…when will a size small be back in stock?


  4. csectionadmin says:

    So sorry to hear about your dislocated ribs. Smalls are back in stock and the products will definitely help you with a better recovery experience – all the best

  5. Wish I would’ve found this last year after my emergency cesarean. I can’t believe the hospital sent me off with out any type of abdominal wrap or binding. I was in so much pain and still have pain/tenderness 14 months later.
    Looking forward to trying the Abdomend c-section recovery kit next time and would love to give a review to share this with other women.

  6. Thank you. Yes I also had an emergency and was given nothing. Its a strange thing, the assumptions of well being and strength after pregnancy and birth. I am finding it amazing how much denial there is around abdominal surgery, and post surgery care. The abdominal adhesion removal market is large when surgeries aren’t done in the best manner, and the scar forms adhesion due to a variety of reasons. Binding in the least should be a given and required post cesarean.

  7. I recently had a C-Section about 2 weeks ago. This is my third C-section. My last one was four years ago. This time i felt like I had a faster recovery thanks to the abdominal binder they gave me right after the c-section. My abdomen has dramatically reduced in size so quickly. Last time without an abdominal binder, i looked 6 months pregnant for a couple of months. Today in just after 2 weeks i only look 2 to 3 months pregnant thanks to the abdominal binder. I absolutely recommend it for a faster recovery!!! After the baby my weight was 166 and after 2 wks I weigh 152 and continue to loose weight.

  8. Thats awesome that your recovery is going well. Its easy to get into a healthy routine of stretching, walking, massaging and eating right after baby, to help you heal. Be well!


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