Sex After A C-Section

couple kissingNo one else can tell you exactly when it’s ok to start having sex after your c-section because it is different for every woman.  Here then are some guidelines to help you in making that decision for yourself.

The general medical advice is to wait at least 4-8 weeks after having a cesarean to begin have sex again. There are several good reasons for this. That does not mean that after 4-8 weeks you will feel ready for sex again, that is something only you will know.

The reason the advice to wait 4-8 weeks before resuming sexual activity is to allow your body to heal and recover. The main reason for this time frame is that this is how long it can be before you stop bleeding. Even though the baby didn’t come through the birth canal and vagina, when the placenta detaches from the uterus it leaves a wound which continues to bleed until fully healed.

Having sex before this uterine healing is complete runs the risk of causing infection, which is also the reason why not to use tampons at this time either. Infection and postpartum hemorrhage is a real concern after c-section and the bleeding stopping fully is the absolute minimum length of time to wait before having sex again.

Not only is the uterus healing from the separation of the placenta, it is also slowly shrinking back to it’s pre pregnancy size. This shrinking process usually takes around 6 weeks.

Of course after a c-section you also have a significant incision in your abdomen that is healing. The incision takes approximately 4 weeks to heal on the surface. Below the surface it goes 6 layers deep and full healing should really be your priority to avoid future complications – find everything you need in our c-section recovery kit.

Of course there is much more involved than the internal physical healing. For many women who have just given birth just don’t feel like having sex. During pregnancy a woman’s body is awash with hormones and for some time after delivery those hormones that are still around, especially when you’re breastfeeding. One effect they can have is to suppress the sex drive. Think of it as nature’s way saying, ˜you just had one, you need to hold off a little while”. Combine that with sleep deprivation and …. well you know!

So every couple must find their own way through this particular issue in relation to the physical and emotional state of the new mother. Whenever you do feel the time is right to begin having sex again remember that even if you are breastfeeding or your cycle seems not to have returned yet – you can still get pregnant again if you do not use some form of birth control!

After a c-section there are some specific considerations when you do start having sex again. Care has to be taken to protect the incision so be gentle during sex especially if your scar is still tender.  Choose positions that won’t be painful or uncomfortable, which means missionary position is out. When experiencing an orgasm try to relax your stomach, groin, and vagina as much as you can. This is to avoid any internal tearing, especially in the beginning.

Finally, it’s good to remember that sex is about much more than intercourse and it’s intimacy that puts the love in lovemaking. So resuming sex after a c-section might initially be more about intimacy and affection than unbridled passion.


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  1. avril patel says:

    my age is , had 2 miscarriages in the year 2004 & then in 2008 at one and a half month. now the 3rd pregnancy ended at 5 and a half month on August 2011 due to weak cervix and later ended in placenta abruption so had a cesarian. my question is i have still not got my periods and i want to plan to get pregnant after 6 months. incase i dont get periods will i be pregnant.

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