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The C Section Recovery Kit: After C-Section Care*C-Section Birth*After Cesarean*Massage for C Section Scar*Meditations

Best C-Section After Care with Cotton Binder,Massage DVD & Skin Brush

Mom's Choice Award

Mom's Choice Award

 Plan ahead for your birth and reduce your stress so you can focus on baby.

Your Doctor will love the results and so will you !


Note: ***Measurement After Birth***

Fits 27" - 34" Fits 32" - 40" Fits 38" - 46" Fits 44" - 52"
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  • Reduce Post Partum Stress & Pain

  • Provides professional massage techniques

  • Reduce ingrown hairs and swelling

  • Limit Abdominal Adhesions

  • Your Scar Can Be Small & Smooth

  • Accelerate Your Healing

  • Protect Your Vulnerable & Tender Incision

  • Return to your sexy shape faster

Plan ahead and purchase yours Today!

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76.00 80.00 80.00 95.00
The C Section Recovery Kit includes:
1 AbdoMend™ Support Binder & Strap; 1 Skin Brush; C-Section Recovery Information and Massage & Meditation DVD

The 100% Cotton c-section Recovery Binder can be worn immediately after a c-section. The self help massage guide DVD demonstrates massage techniques to avoid adhesions and a problematic c-section scar, requiring just a few minutes a day. The dry skin brush reduces swelling and ingrown hairs in your incision. As you recover from a c-section, our uniquely designed c-section binder and c-section scar therapy guide will help your recovery in both the short and long term. Get the support you need and deserve! Licensed Massage Therapist developed the DVD for your own private lesson on scar care.

With our C Section Recovery Kit you will:

  • Reduce Post Partum Stress & Pain
  • Avoid Post Surgery Complications
  • Speed Up Your Recovery
  • Support Your Incision & Your Back
  • Support Repositioning your Internal Organs
  • Promote Muscle Memory
  • Reduce Ingrown Hairs in Scar Line
  • Feel Better Fast = Quality Time with Family


The AbdoMend Support Binder & Strap is:

  • Soft and supportive made from light weight cotton, for a cozy, comfortable feeling
  • Easily adjusts with long hook & loop closures that allow an accurate fit
  • Available in 5 different sizes, and widths ranging from 8" to 12" wide
  • Bikini Strap reduces back pain and protects your incision, 3" to 6"
  • Attaches hip to hip to support back & tummy
  • Perfect for first month after C-Section birth
  • Can also be used as pregnancy support binder, and for postpartum support
  • Fabric will stretch if used during pregnancy

"I have had two C-Sections. One, 12 years ago. My most recent C-Section was June, 2008. After the surgery I used the AbdoMend Support Binder while I was healing. I definitely felt a difference between the two C-Sections (post op). My first childbirth recovery was painful. This time I experienced no pain I recommend it to anyone else who is in need of a C-Section."

S Clark, Hendersonville, NC

*The interior elastic of the AbdoMend™ Support Binder & Strap contains latex.Before taking the binder to the Hospital, please check the size for your body and please practice putting it on, so its easy to use. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Buy Petite Buy Small Buy Medium Buy Large
76.00 80.00 80.00 95.00
"I am extremely impressed with the AbdoMend Support Binder & Strap. I wore it for support in my final months and I have no stretch marks!" -Marla Looper, Hendersonville, NC

Maui Healing Kits,LLC and the AbdoMend™ C Section Recovery Belt or Kit is to be used in conjunction with Doctors care and does not substitute for a Doctors care. Any fever or signs of infection please call your Doctor.

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