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Deluxe Recovery Kit: After C-Section*After Cesarean Section Care*Deluxe Kit for After C Section Surgical Birth*Maternity Support*Reduce Post Partum Stress

Essential C Section Recovery Products: The Best care for yourself to Feel like a Queen!

Mom's Choice Award

Mom's Choice Award

The perfect gift for Mom in the hospital or home.


  Take your 9th month measurement 2" below belly button around upper hips and reduce by 4", or 6-8" for twins to get approximate post birth size.

Note: ***Measurement After Birth***

Fits 27" - 34" Fits 32" - 40" Fits 38" - 46" Fits 44" - 52"
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  • Reduce Post Partum Stress & Pain

  • Provides professional massage techniques

  • Reduce ingrown hairs and swelling

  • Limit Abdominal Adhesions

  • Your Scar Can Be Small & Smooth

  • Protect Your Vulnerable & Tender Incision

  • Utilize the Ancient Secrets of Binding

  • Create a Smooth & Flat Scar

  • Avoid More Medical Intervention

  • Return to your sexy shape faster

Plan ahead and purchase yours Today!

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The Deluxe C Section Recovery Kit includes:
1 AbdoMend™ Support Binder & Strap; 1 Hem It In Binder;1 Skin Brush; Massage & Meditation DVD

Worn during pregnancy the Support Binder & Strap offers comfortable support to both lower back and tummy. The Cotton Support Binder & Strap can be worn immediately after cesarean delivery. Two to three weeks after cesarean delivery the Hem It In Binder can be worn to further accelerate your healing and reduce pain.Or you may use the Support Binder & Strap for pregnancy support and the Hem It In for after vaginal birth. Use the skin brush as part of the Hemming Scar Therapy program and avoid ingrown hairs in your healing incision, massage to reduce adhesions and a problematic scar.

With our C Section Recovery Kit you will:

  • Move with Confidence
  • Have Less Stress & Pain
  • Create a Smaller Scar
  • Avoid Post Surgery Complications
  • Speed Up Your Recovery
  • Support Your Back
  • Support Your internal organs
  • Tighten Your Tummy
  • Encouraging Muscle Memory

The AbdoMend Support Binder & Strap is:

  • Soft and supportive in light weight cotton for a cozy, comfortable feeling
  • Easily adjusts with long hook & loop closures that allow accurate adjustment
  • Support Binder & Strap is Available in 5 different sizes, and widths ranging from 8" to 12" wide
  • Bikini Strap reduces back pain and protects your incision, 3" to 6"
  • Attaches hip to hip to support back or tummy as needed
  • Perfect for first month after C-Section birth
  • Can also be used as pregnancy support binder, and for post partum birth
  • Fabric will stretch if used during pregnancy

*The interior elastic of the AbdoMend™ Support Binder & Strap contains latex.

"This kit has made me so much more comfortable as I heal. It contains a well-designed supportive wrap that can be worn various ways. Unlike traditional wraps and elastic postpartum abdominal support bands that are one shape and size, this binder can be customized for your body's changing size and post c-section support needs. It comes with an extra support strap that attaches onto the wrap in the front or the back, to provide varying levels of pressure/support, offering immediate relief from c-section pain."
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The Hem-It-In Binder is our core binder, with a 6 inch Velcro® closure attachment pad that easily adjusts. The binder ranges from 6"-9" wide, so your support needs can easily be met. Soft cotton covers our elastic, so its comfortable and cool. Great for wearing under clothing, for the discreet support needed as you get back to enjoying life with baby. Great for post vaginal birth also!

The skin brush and scar care guide was created by a professional massage therapist who offers gentle techniques to help you have a small flat scar that you can be proud of.

"I love your product, it is so soft and I am learning how to use it to support me best. I find that the binder makes it more comfy to do my walks for certain. I am using the skin brush and doing gentle scar work and lymph drainage work too! You did an excellent job at detailing scar work during the progression of scar healing. Thanks for your wonderful product." -Toni

Maui Healing Kits,LLC and the AbdoMend™ C Section Recovery Belt or Kit is to be used in conjunction with Doctors care and does not substitute for a Doctors care. Any fever or signs of infection please call your Doctor.

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