C Section Recovery Kit Medical Product

Maternity Care after childbirth or C Section: Improves using a belly band.

Maternity Care after childbirth or C Section

Compression is the solution to easily walk, feel & look better! The most important item in the Hospital.

Compression pushes tissue closer together and reduces stress and pain.
Compression with a core binder increases mobility, your sense of security,& reduces scar

Prepare your hospital bag before having baby by adding our soft binders or Recovery Kit!

Reshape your tummy after pregnancy and surprise him with your quick rebound. We use techniques and comments to update our designs to guarantee the product works and is up to your standards. You will never be disappointed when purchasing our product. The details to deliver a binder that fits to your shape have been incorporated into our unique design with the extra strap.

Give us a try and we'll help to ensure that you are happy with all your purchases.


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