Scar Care for soft scar healing with massage

C Section Incision Care and Cesarean Scar Massage

Massage is a proven technique and modality to improve tissue modeling for a healthier and stronger scar after a C Section. The tissue that was cut upset the organization of the collagen fibers, and simple techniques done consistently can make a big difference between having a lumpy or smooth scar. Massage also improves circulation and helps release chemicals in the body to reduce stress and improve well being.

Your health is important and reducing the internal scarring reduces other complications, such as incontinence, bowel obstruction, infertility and back pain.

Improve your health with our soft cotton post c-section binders and massage. We understand your basic needs to feel better and move with less pain. C Section Recovery Kit with our soft cotton bellyluv bands will do just that.


Use our Massage DVD to learn important techniques for your self massage care. Enjoy the stress buster meditations. The dry skin brush rejuvenates the skin, reduces inflammation, and reduces ingrown hairs in the incision.

Wrapping your tummy is key to bouncing back and feeling great.

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