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Testimonials for AbdoMend™ C-Section Recovery Products

I have to tell you how grateful I'm of your product...

Hi! Happy New Year!!! I have to tell you how grateful I'm of your product. I had my baby on December 28th and I was in the hospital for two nights of which the doctors did not allow me put it on but as soon as I walked in my house I did and it's amazing how comfortable it is. It makes me feel very supported and secure when walking and for all activities. I amazingly feel great after only 4 days. So when every you want me to give the review for the product let me know what to do and I will be glad to.




Maui Healing Kits,LLC and the AbdoMend™ C Section Recovery Belt or Kit is to be used in conjunction with Doctors care and does not substitute for a Doctors care. Any fever or signs of infection please call your Doctor.

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